We Dare To Say

A Resource For Faith Sharing Groups

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales have produced a national resource for faith-sharing groups called ‘We Dare To Say’. The beautifully produced resource book is written to accompany groups of people who are looking to ficus more deeply on the prayer Jesus taught us, the Our Father.

Every parish in our diocese has recieved 20 copies. 

Bishop David writes:

This year of 2024 has been designated by Pope Francis as a particular time of prayerful preparation for the forthcoming Jubilee Year in 2025, Pilgrims of Hope. We are invited to reflect upon the central place of prayer within our life of discipleship. And of course, there are many places in which we pray. We pray as individuals. We may pray within our families. We pray as communities when we gather for the liturgy. What a privilege it is to be able to come into the presence of our Trinity God and through prayer, enter into a relationship with the Father, His Beloved Son and the Holy Spirit.

We pray in many different ways. There is praise and worship, adoration and thanksgiving. We make confession and repentance of our sins. We respond to the holy Scriptures by meditation. We intercede with intercession for our own needs, the needs of family, friends and community, those who face warfare and hunger in our world.

During this year we focus on the Our Father. This prayer, given to us by the Lord Jesus Himself, is the heart of all prayer. It is worth reminding ourselves, saints used these very words to pray to our heavenly Father.

We Dare To Say is a five-week faith-sharing resource on these words we pray every day. It is a prayer which unites all Christians of every tradition. It is a prayer born out of the Heart of Christ in His prayer to His Heavenly Father. And that’s why we respond to the privilege of sharing this prayer in the liturgy by saying, we dare to say.

Please know that I pray this prayer for you all every day. Let us keep each other in prayer as we pray the Our Father in preparation for the Jubilee Year.

With my affectionate prayers for each of you.