The week of Christian Unity is traditionally observed during the octave of St Peter and St Paul, 18th-25th January.

This year a focus has been placed on how we can work together to contribute to the promotion of racial justice. This theme has been presented under the guidance of the churches in Minneapolis. They chose the theme, “Do good; seek justice” (Isaiah 1:17).

Bishop David, who attended the inaugural service of the Milton Keynes Churches Together organisation, encourages us saying

“God does listen to our prayers and we should not be afraid we should simply have faith and together we can journey towards a moment when our brotherhood and sisterhood as Christians is more apparent”.

The week of Christian unity has history dating back to 1740, when in Scotland a Pentecostal movement arose, with North American links, whose revivalist message included prayers for and with all churches.

Resources are available throughout this week and can be Downloaded Here